Updating Part 3 of the Ecological Landscape Analysis’ Reports for Nova Scotia’s Ecodistricts

Project description (English)

The Forestry Division of the NS Department of Lands and Forestry is updating Part 3 of the Ecological Landscape Analysis (ELA) reports for the 38 ecodistricts within Nova Scotia. ELA reports are divided into three parts which are each available on the Department of Lands and Forestry website. Part 3 is designed for forest ecosystem planners and includes detailed data summaries and appendices on landscape elements, forest communities, forest composition, and unique ecological features of each ecodistrict. The information in Part 3 of the ELA will enhance the forest ecosystem planner's understanding of the ecodistrict as a system of functioning landscape elements and their configuration across the landscape. Data on broad landscape elements and finer landscape features are available for each ecodistrict. This information can be used in forest management to sustain ecosystem functionality and structure, ultimately leading to improved forest diversity and connectivity across the landscape. Information on forest communities and composition is provided through statistical data of priority species and other special occurrences, rare ecosections and ecological representivity. As well, indicators of biodiversity and habitat described by forest composition are provided through natural disturbance regimes, stages of succession, and covertypes of landscape elements within each ecodistrict. ELAs are a landscape planning tool that help forest planners, woodlot owners, and scientists make decisions regarding land management by providing qualitative and quantitative ecological information at a landscape scale.

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Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry

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Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry

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