Create an account

When creating an account, it is important to properly specific with which organisation you are affiliated. This will then allow you to edit the projects added by your organization. 


Adding a project

Before adding a project, please make sure that it is not already in the system. 

The Ecological Connectivity portal can include : 

(1) research/science projects focused on connectivity (e.g., modelling, camera monitoring, basin-wide stream connectivity assessments)

(2) planning and implementation partnerships/initiatives

(3) province-wide, state-wide, or multi-province/state collaboratives with a connectivity focus

(4) policy initiatives (e.g., the VTrans-VT F&W MOU)

Note that if an organization involved in a project you would like to add is not available from the list, you first need to add it using this form.


Verify the information

You can then verify and edit the information entered about a project by clicking on "My projects" in the main menu. 

As soon as the project is entered int the system, it will appear in the map interface and in the list of projects. Note that if you submitted geospatial data (shapefiles, geopackages, etc.), they will not appear right away on the map interface. They will be added in the hours or days following the project submission. If you still don't see them on the map interface after a few days, please contact